Stunning scenery, rewarding routes, high energy crowd- all amid a rural setting.

The Deerfield Dragon Triathlon takes place in quaint and idyllic Deerfield, NH. This active, community-focused town in Rockingham county draws a crowd of participants and volunteers, creating a high energy vibe in an idyllic country town.

Swim - .15miles

The swim portion of the Deerfield Dragon Triathlon starts at Veasey Park, a normally resident-only beach (open to all for the race!), on beautiful Pleasant Lake. Pleasant Lake is the 2nd cleanest lake in New Hampshire. The swim route is short– only .15 miles– a refreshing start to the event.  Boat and lifeguard support is present along the way.

Bike - 10.3 miles

Starting from the transition point at Veasey Park on Pleasant Lake, the bike portion of the triathlon heads south on Rt. 107.

With plenty of uphills and downhills, the bike route is both challenging and rewarding. Coast past horses, farms, an orchard, and more scenic countryside on paved road. A down and back portion overlaps with the running route, adding excitement to the path.

Run - 3.5 miles

The final portion of the Deerfield Dragon Triathlon is a 3.5 mile run. Another challenging yet rewarding route of uphills and downhills, this 5K course takes runners on pavement and trail paths. The run starts and finishes at the Deerfield Town Hall, with ample room for cheering spectators to welcome you to the finish line.

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